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About us

UA Dispatch is the leading trucking dispatch service,that has been running business for over 5 years. Our dispatch service is the best solution for small companies and owners with their own authority (MC & DOT Numbers).

We take care of regional, local and long distance running. UA Dispatch is not a carrier. We deliver exceptional and reliable dispatch service that will help You get more profit out of each load! Our goal is to help You take Your business steps ahead of competitors. Your personal professional dispatcher will get the top paying loads from the brokers that cooperate with us for years!

No stress, no mess! We work hard to obtain best possible rates leaving our customers free from worries.

Why us

  • Load booking and dispatching
  • Dedicated personal dispatcher
  • Billing and invoicing
  • 24/7 service support
  • We check the credit of potential brokers
  • Loads for all equipment types
  • No more night phone calls from brokers
  • No more paperwork
  • We will take care of all your headache!

Let us make your life easy!!!


Here is some brokers that we work with

Here is some carriers that hire us


We offer you two payment program: percentage and flat

1 Truck
$400Each truck per month
3%Of your monthly gross
2 Trucks
$350Each truck per month
2,5%Of your monthly gross
3-4 Trucks
$300Each truck per month
2 %Of your monthly gross
5-8 Trucks
$250Each truck per month
1,5 %Of your monthly gross
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